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Surprisingly, jewelries that are made of bicycle parts, such as bicycle bracelets, bicycle necklaces and bicycle ornaments are very popular these days.

If you are a cyclist or a biking enthusiast, you can be sure that at some point you will have one or more spare parts collecting dust in your garage. If you could just transform those spare parts into useful items, it would definitely ignite your artistic side. This could even be a great idea for businesses and a contribution to mother earth since we’re transforming what others consider useless into something useful.

Let me share with you this special aspect of the great sport that you (and I) like so much. See how these bicycle chains and inner tubes are getting new life in the form of a bicycle necklaces, bicycle ornaments, bicycle bracelets and even bicycle sculptures.

Bicycle Jewelry - Bicycle Necklaces
Bicycle Necklaces
Bicycle Jewelry - Bicycle Earrings
Bicycle Earrings
Bicycle Jewelry - Bicycle Bracelets
Bicycle Bracelets
Bicycle Jewelry - Bicycle Ornaments
Bicycle Ornaments
Bicycle Jewelry - Bicycle Sculptures
Bicycle Sculptures
Bicycle Jewelry - Bicycle Spinners
Bicycle Spinners

Check out These Bicycle Jewelry

Bicycle Bracelets - Worn on the wrist and even on the ankles, these 'out of this world' contemporary jewelries will surely stand out when compared to traditional bracelets.

Bicycle Necklaces - Bicycle necklaces comes with different designs, shapes and sizes. They will surely satisfy the avid bicycle rider in you.

Bicycle Earings - Take a look at the world of bicycle earrings: stud, drop or hoop earrings. You will find hundreds of styles to choose from.

Bicycle Ornaments - If you are having trouble finding something that might brighten your cyclist's mornings, then a bicycle ornament may be the perfect gift for her or for him.

Bicycle Sculptures - Bicycle sculptures are inherently dramatic - the perfect combination of art and science, stunning enough for anyone to admire, especially a bike riding enthusiast. Read here more about these unique bicycle art.

Bicycle Spinners - Bicycle spinners don’t cost a lot, they last for years, they don’t use up any electricity, and you can actually see them during the day. Take a look.

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